5 Ways For Firms and Attorneys to Stand Out to Clients During Holiday Season

For many law firms holiday cards cause stress year round. From collecting and organizing your lists to choosing a card, to simply getting them mailed, it can often be more time consuming than an actual case. And for what? To be opened, looked at and ultimately thrown away. Don’t waste money on a throwaway holiday card (or gift). Incorporate the holidays into your legal marketing plan and the results may surprise you. Here we present our top tips for making yourself stand out during the holiday rush.


Avoid the crowds.
Meaning… holidays don’t just mean Christmas and Hanukkah. Instead of getting lost in a pile of so-called “holiday cards,” time yours to appear alone. Sending a Thanksgiving card is one option. Not only does it eliminate any holiday bias (most everyone in the US celebrates Thanksgiving!), it’s a good excuse to literally Paper Boxes Vietnam  THANK your clients for their support and loyalty during rough economic times. Another option is to wait out the holiday season and send New Year’s cards. It will accomplish the same thing and give you a chance to remind them of your relationship as they gear up for the coming year.

Make it personal.
I can’t stress this one enough. If you don’t plan on individually signing each card, don’t send them. Not everyone needs a personalized message, but everyone does deserve an actual signature. There is a huge difference between a stamp with your firm name and the signature of an actual human being. Don’t fool yourself, your clients will notice.

Be creative.
If you decide to go the traditional route and send a card in December, be sure to put your own spin on it to avoid getting lost in the crowd. There are plenty of companies out there who will send you brochures full of cards with promises of making your life easy. Guess what? Your competition is getting the exact same sales pitch. For a nominal fee any good graphic design company can design and print a custom card for your firm. Be sure to incorporate your firm name or logo (or both) into the design so that your clients know exactly who the card is from without having to read the message. A former client of mine (known to be unafraid of creative marketing) went so far as to depict his firm logo driving a snow-covered sled on the cover of his card. It was so well received the attorneys received multiple e-mails and phone calls commenting on the design. Guess what? That translated into a memorable card, which translated into more business for the attorneys.

Give them something they can use.
Forget the wine and cheese. Give clients something useful to their business and they won’t forget it. For attorneys with smaller clients lists you may want to consider a great business or reference book (as in “I found this incredibly interesting and hope you do as well…”). Publishers will many times offer discounts for buyers who order in bulk, something larger firms might consider when perusing holiday gift ideas. Another client I worked with ordered books yearly through an Economist program. The book, basically a pocket World in Figures, not only acted as a fantastic desk reference book, but came completely packaged in his firm branding. From logo to tagline to back cover copy…everything shouted their firm name. Clients loved the gift so much, his support staff often spent weeks post-New Years sending more out to clients who wished to gift them to their own peers. Those books (complete with his firm branding) sat on potentially thousands of desks over the following year…and beyond.

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